Transformable mechanisms for armchairs, poufs and sofas

Unlike all the other mechanisms, where the sofa substantially contains a bed mechanism, in these ones a real transformation of the shape of the product takes place, which also involves a change in use. In practice, the function of the product changes according to whether the mechanism is in the "open" or "closed" position. They are mechanisms that contain very advanced technology, designed for those looking for an original but also (and above all) extremely practical product.

From sofa to double bed in just one movement.
For a dual use, single or double.
Duplex Contenitore
The container bed par excellence.
Tata 2
The design sofa bed, very ready to use.
The simple and comfortable pouf bed.
The design armchair that becomes a bed.
The functional armchair bed.
The cart that becomes a bed.
The folding sofa bed.