Optional Accessories

The accessories are all considered optional, in order to allow designers and customers to choose the ideal components to make the finished product unique and functional.

Standard Backrest
Piumotto backrest
Piumotto eco backrest
Polo backrest
Jumbo C.L.
B816 Backrest Fixing Plates
Backrest fixing brackets
Plastic feet h8
Plastic feet h13
Wheels set for moving
Plastic cover for legs
Frontal panel bracket
Galvanized bayonets couple
Coupled male bayonet
Modified male bayonet
Corner 45° H17
Round corner h17
Couple of mechanisms jumbo 1 movement
Couple of mechanisms jumbo 2 movements
Couple of mechanisms jumbo C.L.
Couple of mechanisms single
Couple of mechanisms single 2
Foot for bed base
String for bed base cover
Mattress holder handle
Jumbo crossbar