Synchronized opening mechanisms for sofas

The mechanism is supporting. This means that the mechanism becomes the main structure of the sofa, and all the other elements attached to it: armrests, backrest and cushions. The advantages are many: first, that of being able to open and close the bed with a single, simple movement, in just a few seconds. Furthermore, the realization of the sofa frame, a long and complex operation, is in fact bypassed because it is the mechanics itself that acts as the frame. The extreme versatility of the movement has made it possible to create different models that differ from each other in terms of foot and mattress height. In this way, customers can customize their offer according to the type of user and design.

Synchronized opening on comfort.
Clio Doghe
The orthopedic side of synchronization
Clio 13
One of a kind.
Clio 13 Doghe
Synchronized, orthopedic, unique.
Clio Maxi
Customization and synchronization in one mechanism.
Clio Maxi Doghe
Synchronized on every expectation.
Clio M20
More space for comfort.
When design and functionality meet the mechanism.
Polo 2
Pillows remain inside the backrest.
Polo 34
The mechanism tailored to comfort.
Polo 34 Doghe
The mechanism tailored to comfort. Orthopedic.
Polo 34/S
An unparalled comfort.
The tipping mechanism.